How to claim the Post monthly Bonus on Stake

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Get rewarded for your bets with the Post Monthly Bonus! It should be available towards the end of the month to give you a taste of the Monthly Bonus.

We recommend that you claim your bonus in Litecoin (LTC), as withdrawal and transaction fees are low! We recommend that you use the Wager Strategies to wager as much as possible with your Bonus in order to pass your future ranks and receive passive income!

✅ Post Monthly – AVAILABLE!

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Frequently Asked Questions - Post Monthly bonus Stake

💰 How to claim the Pre Monthly bonus on Stake?

Simply click on the “CLAIM YOUR BONUS NOW” link above and select the crypto currency of your choice. You will then be able to play your bonus or withdraw the full amount with no strings attached.

⌚ When is the post monthly stake bonus available?

This bonus is available towards the end of each month. Check back here to see if it’s up to date!

💎 How is the post monthly bonus actually calculated?

The post monthly stake bonus is based on the amount wagered over the last 30 days. You will receive approximately $1 per $1000 wagered, and more depending on your VIP rank.

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