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Stake mines strategy calculator bot strat 2023 wagering wager low risk

How to quickly wager at Stake and climb your VIP rank with the original Mines in 2023 game?

Mines is one of the original games at Stake online casino. Very popular, it offers multiple ways to play.

It is popular because the final multiplier can be very high (over 4 million multiplier)
In this article, we will focus on the least risky strategy possible in order to wager as much as possible.

Remember: even though this strategy is low risk, there is obviously a risk, so only play what you can afford to lose.

Mines wagering strategy on Stake 1:

This strategy is quick to implement.
Just set these parameters:
Mode: Auto
Number of mines :1
-> Don’t forget to select the 1 box (the one you want). The box will be purple when selected.

stake original mines strategy calculator wagering 2023

You can then set the number of bets to 100 for example or leave the value “0” to let you bet infinitely and stop manually.
With this technique, you can wager quite easily and not lose too much, because out of 25 squares there is only 1 mine and you have only one square selected.
It is also possible to earn some money with this strategy in the short term.

Mines wagering strategy on Stake 2:

The second strategy is different but also low risk.
The principle is simple:
– Set the automatic mode
– Select the number of mines to 4
Check only one mine on the game (your box must be purple)
– In case of loss: increase the stake by 200%.

stake original mines strategy calculator wager 2023

Thus, in case of a loss, your bet will be multiplied by 3 to cover the loss.
There is always a risk because you need enough balance to cover several losses if it happens.

Original Stake Settings :

You have the possibility to make some adjustments:

– Increase or decrease the sound of the game
– Instant betting, which allows you to bet very quickly
– Leave the game animation on or off (if you remove it, it will bet faster too)
– Set the maximum bet (don’t touch this setting, it can be dangerous)
– Game information to know more about the game
– Player with keyboard keys

– You can also activate the statistics and see the total number of wins and losses, as well as a graph.

Stake wager quickly 2023 statistics with Dice

Tips and Reminders:

This strategy works, but remember that there is always a risk.

We therefore advise you not to abuse them too much.

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This last strategy to wager on Stake is really the best in 2023.

So you can increase your VIP ranks quickly and without risk!

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