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Stake.com best strategy calculator bot strat 2023 wagering wager low risks


After several months of testing several strategies to wager a lot without taking risks, we have discovered the best strategy that will allow you to increase your VIP ranks quickly on Stake, and without risk!

Original Stake games like Dice, Plinko and Mines can allow you to wager, but there is a higher risk than the strategy we have developed.

Our strategy is on the betting side of Stake.

How to wager stake casino best strategy and way 2023

Why do we do this?

Every sports bet counts your stake as X3

Example: you bet $100 on a game you win, Stake counts your bet as $300!

Our strategy: Bet the most with the least amount of risk

With hundreds of games every day, we have huge opportunities!

wager stake best strategy 2023 sport betting

Believe us, with this strategy and a small start-up capital, you can climb the VIP ranks quickly and without risk!

You will have :

– Bonus for moving up the ranks
– Weekly Bonus
– Monthly Bonus
– Participation in raffles
– Daily Reload (from platinum rank)

In addition:

– We will make special giveaways for people who trust us and apply our strategy

How does it work?

The goal is to bet on a very low odds with a high chance of winning (often a 1.01 or 1.02 side).

Remember this: The goal is not to win money on your bet, but to bet and wager as much as possible (you will earn money on the rising ranks and the various bonuses)


best way to wager stake.com in 2023
wagering strategy stake casino 2023 bot calculator
Stake.com best wager strategy wagering in 2023 vip rank

Attention: There are many sports on Stake but only 1 is effective with our strategy
-> After you have registered through our link, you will discover THE SPORT adapted to the strategy of wager VIP

Examples like this, we have hundreds of them because we apply the strategy and already many members apply our strategy and have increased their VIP ranks!

In this example of 7 winning games, we bet a total of approximately: $3736

Stake counts our bet x3 which is: $11208 bet in 7 bets!

You are already ranked bronze because you bet more than 10.000$ and you receive 25$ + rakeback + you get 4 weekly and 1 monthly bonus per month!

Can you imagine the potential? It is largely possible to make 10 bets per day.


We spent many months testing the strategy before presenting it to our community, it is reliable and validated by already more than 100 members.

We have decided to share our strategy in detail only to the members who support us and who sign up with our link


1) Register on Stake with our link : HERE (if you already have an account you can create a new one)
2) Send us a screenshot of your username with the statistics on Telegram.

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