How to secure and protect your Stake account with 2FA?

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It is important to protect and secure your Stake account to avoid getting hacked and losing your funds!

1) Use a unique password

The first thing is to use a unique password that you do not use anywhere else.
Also use a password that is difficult to figure out by adding special characters like “@” and numbers like “12”. @” for example and numbers like “12”.

2) Verify your email address

The second quick thing to do is simply to check your email address.
To do this go to :

– Your account on the top right
– Setting
– General
– Send an email to confirm your email

Protect and secure your stake casino account 2023 with mail

Therefore, at each new connection, a unique code will be sent to your email to connect.

3) Make your account as secure as possible with the 2FA

Further secure your stake account with the 2FA (Dual Authentication Factor)
We directly advise you to use this option, because it allows you to secure your Stake account to the maximum.
You will be asked to enter a unique code that changes every 30 seconds:
– Log in
– Make a withdrawal
And for all other options that require security.

Google authenticator to secure your casino account

To install it is very simple:
Download the Google authenticator application

Simply open your 2FA app and scan the QR code found on your Stake account

You will then have a unique code that you will have to enter to validate your 2FA.

As soon as you need it, just go on your smartphone to fill in your 2FA.

Install 2FA stake casino to protect your account

Your Stake account is now fully secured!

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