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Crazy Time is the most popular online casino live game of the moment.

Developed and managed by Evolution Gaming, this game is known by the majority of players and can allow multipliers up to x20,000!

The principle is simple, the host spins a big wheel with different rewards and bonuses.

Among these, there are 4 bonus games including:

Crazy Time

This game has only 1 box with 1.85% chance.

This game is simple, the bonus triggers a new wheel with lots of multipliers and the “double” box that restarts a spin with all multipliers doubled.

You have three colors: Blue, Yellow and Green.

According to the chosen color, the wheel turns and you win the associated prize.

Crazy time bonus game tips strategy casino 2023

Cash Hunt

This game has 2 boxes with 3.7% chance.

This game is a large board with different multipliers that move and are hidden.

You have to draw on a square to discover the multiplier and the associated win.


This game has 2 squares with 3.7% chance.

This game is similar to the original Plinko Stake game.

You have a large board with multipliers at the bottom. A ball is thrown from above and you win the associated payout.

Coin Flip

This game has 4 squares with 7.4% chance.

Very simple game. A puck with a blue and a red face will be sent. A multiplier is associated with the color that will fall.

There are also different numbers with multipliers:

The 1 : X1 your bet + recovery of your initial bet thus X2 (21 boxes thus 38.88% of chance)
The 2 : X2 your bet + recovery of your initial bet thus X3 (13 boxes thus 24.07% of chance)
The 5 : X5 your bet + recovery of your initial bet so X6 (7 boxes so 12.96% chance)
The 10 : X10 your bet + recovery of your initial bet so X11 (4 boxes so 7.4% chance)

PLUS: A random multiplier reel on a game comes into play with every roll, but the multiplier can also come up empty.

We are going to look at a simple strategy, which allows you to play as long as possible with the least amount of risk, and thus be able to enjoy big multipliers and bonuses.

The principle is to bet on all the squares, except the 1, and to distribute the bets fairly in order to be reimbursed for our bet on all the squares (excluding bonuses which may pay more than our bet and excluding the multiplier wheel at the beginning of the round which may also pay more).


Crazy Time Strategy

We will start with a base such as :
1 : 0$
2 : 0.4$ -> 1.20$ if paid
5 : 0.2$ -> 1.2$ if paid
10 : 0.2$ -> 2.1$ if paid
Crazy Time : 0.1$ -> ? if paid
Patchinko : 0.1$ -> ? if paid
Cash Hunt : 0.1$ -> ? if paid
Coin Flip: $0.1 -> ? if paid
Total base bet: $1.2

Then simply click on the double button to play a larger amount.

You can also set the auto play and allow 10-25 auto plays.

Remember: this strategy is not magic, but it allows you to optimize your sessions and to have fun and play longer.

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