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Discover the best multiplier calculator for famous Stake Mines games!

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What is the Mines game?

The Mines game is a game which is made up of diamonds and mines on a total board of 25 squares!
It’s up to you to choose the number of Mines you want and therefore the number of diamonds. Then you click on a random box hoping to discover a diamond because if you come across a mine you lose the game. The more complicated you choose a probability, the higher your winning multiplier will be!

Example: You choose 13 mines so there are also 12 diamonds. If you manage to find all 12 diamonds without coming across a single mine, you obtain a multiplier of 5,148,297x your stake

stake mines calculator free online

How does the Mines calculator work?

The calculator takes into account absolutely all the probabilities so you easily know which multiplier you want to obtain.

Example :

3 mines and 22 diamonds in the game:
Option 1: you come across a 1st diamond: multiplier of 1.12 if you stop there
– 2: 2nd diamond: multiplier of 1.29
– 3: 3rd diamond: multiplier of 1.48

And so on as long as you don’t come across a mine!
You can Cashout whenever you want!

Tip and trick about Mines:

We advise you to adapt your bet in relation to the potential multiplier. You can also try a big multiplier and automatically play a small bet.
In the example we selected 12 mines and checked 9 boxes in advance hoping to find 9 diamonds without any mines. This would therefore correspond to a multiplier of x2828 if it passes! (see screenshot next)

stake mines calculator max multiplicator

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