The chicken Mystake casino game : A Scam or Reliable ?

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Mystake’s famous chicken game has been very popular for a few months now.

The principle is simple, you have 5*5 squares, 25 squares in total.

These are lids that hide chickens, and you have to find as many chicken as possible to win money.

But be careful: if you fall on a bone you lose the game.

You can choose the number of bones hidden on the grid.

The more bones you choose, the more risk you take and the more money you can win.

mystake chicken game casino in 2023 scam or reliable how to play and win tutorial

You will have understood, it is necessary to know to stop in time because the game can quickly stop if you want to win too much

chicken mystake how to win tutorial 2023 strategy huge potential hack

Is the chicken game at MyStake a scam?

After much checking, Mystake seems to not pay its players, so it seems almost impossible to make a withdrawal in case you win money.

Unfortunately, many people are promoting this casino as a scam!

mystake casino chicken game scam alert 2023

An alternative to play chicken casino in 2023? Stake

YES: One of the most popular casinos in the world, offers the Mines game which works exactly the same way.

Instead of having chicken and bones, you have diamonds and mines.

The grid is also composed of 5*5 cells.

You can choose the number of mines, the more mines you choose the more potential you have.

mystake chicken game alternative mines casino 2023 tutorial how to win

On Stake you don’t have to worry, no matter how much you win the withdrawal will be validated instantly.

Twitch streamers like Roshtein or Trainwrekcstv are in collaboration with Stake.

Even the famous Drake did a livestream recently in partnership with Stake and it’s not for nothing!

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